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Roter Recycling

Roter Recycling is a producer of scrap metal machines, such as balers for mixed light scrap and ELV, car baler, shear baler for scrap metal and automatic balers for metal waste.

Founded in 1989, Roter began its business working for the world leaders in earth-moving machines and pipe line plants. Roter specialise in the production of spare parts and accessories for the undercarriage market and in medium heavy steel structures.


Product Spotlight – Roter RR Series Baler

The Roter Recycling series, “RR series,” offers balers for scrap metal and are an ideal solution to easily compact a variety of steel, ferrous and non-ferrous material. The RR series is perfect for volume reduction of car bodies and therefore lend themselves to car wrecker recovery yards and mixed light scrap collectors.

The RR series is available in many configurations, fixed, roll on/off, semi-mobile and a 3 axis trailer version, which makes them suitable to any yard. Another bonus of the RR series is the fact that they do not require foundations. Thanks to three asymmetrical cylinders for any lid, RR balers ensure easy closing operation of the box and high speed material processing.

The RR series scrap baler has a production capacity of 8-14 tons per hour for light mixed scrap and 15-20 tons per hour for ELV.

RR series balers are equipped with a diesel engine, electric version available as an option, and a radio remote control for optimal and comfortable use of the machine. The supply is completed by the push-button control panel with synoptics for fault finding and light/acoustic warnings. All parts are easily accessible for quick and easy maintenance.

The RR series offers the following options:

  • Bale ejection door
  • Electric motor 1 x 75/90 Kw
  • Hydraulic lifting legs
  • Crane with operator cabin
  • Roll on/off system
  • Cabin for operator
  • Mobile configuration
  • Cabin heating and air conditioning
  • Preheating engine and hydraulic oil
  • Customised colour

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