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15 Ton Container Trolley

15 Ton Container Trolley


Designed and built by Pacific Materials Handling

The “Heavy Shift Trolley” attaches to a forklift that can then be driven inside a container or other flat surface , raise palletised loads and roll the load.


Heavy duty fork frame suitable for mounting or towing.
Fork tine lift with hydraulic breakaway or standalone power pack.
Fixed bump stop on ends of forks to avoid binding issues.
Customisable dimensions adjustable starting lift heights available.

Technical Data

Mass Tare: 500Kg
Max Capacity 15 Ton maximum lifting capacity
Frame Size Fork width, length and distance apart manufatured to specification
Lift Height Approx 40 mm lift height
Other Features May be powered via auxillary ports of forklift or alternatively with stand alone rechargeable power pack

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